Top Healthcare Interoperability Solution Companies
KMS Technology: Redefining Touchstones for Quality Patient-driven Healthcare

Top 10 Healthcare Interoperability Solution Companies -2021

The new consumer-driven health information ecosystem (HIS) is transforming the way healthcare professionals deliver care. As always, interoperability—be it among care teams or across disparate settings—is a key challenge. While major strides are being taken to improve the way medical data and electronic health records can be transferred, analyzed and shared, major hurdles to attain full interoperability remain a key development point in healthcare IT systems.

On that front, AI-based speech-to-text technologies are helping some ease pressures by minimizing much of the burdensome administrative tasks. Moreover, healthcare interoperability, embedded with an AI layer and voice-based commands, can document patient problems, diagnoses, and procedures in far more compliant formats. These smart interoperability solutions make it easier for care teams to find specific patient information and even help clinicians convert their narratives into actionable information for real-time decision making.

At this juncture, there is a variety of healthcare interoperability solution providers that are entering the market to cater to the different needs of enterprises. To help them choose the solution that best fits their requirement, Healthcare Tech Outlook has compiled lists of the healthcare interoperability solution providers. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs and CXOs.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Healthcare Interoperability Solution Providers – 2021.”

    Top Healthcare Interoperability Solution Companies

  • Atlanta-based KMS Technology is heavily investing in education and training of FHIR API development to bridge technology and knowledge gaps around FHIR APIs and SMART on FHIR APIs. Their services enable providers, payers, life sciences, and health IT vendors to develop integrated applications that deliver on the promise of healthcare interoperability—while staying compliant with the evolving regulations. Alongside, KMS Connect offers data services that deal with identity management, data aggregation and enrichment, offline processing of transactions, and connectivity to endpoints, enabling caregivers to seamlessly carry out their business transactions at all times. Data interoperability gaps may still exist between a multi-vendor solution, which is why KMS Connect offers a configurable low code integration solution which can enable business process individuals to complete this gap

  • Mpowered Health is a consumer healthcare marketplace that empowers individuals and families to make better healthcare decisions. The California-based company seeks to deliver a new healthcare experience by offering individuals a solution to manage all their health information, access doctors & service and share records with doctors & family members. The company’s enterprise solutions empower healthcare organizations to better acquire, engage and retain consumers. Mpowered Health’s free mobile application offers several services, like consolidating medical records, test results, bill payments, shopping for insurance and more. On the enterprise side, Mpowered Health offers an end-to-end CMS compliance suite that assists Medicare & Medicaid payers & providers to comply with the CMS 9115, 9123 and 9915 mandates

  • The OrboGraph solution delivers full automation of back-end payment processing via electronification of EOBs, remittances, correspondence letters, and patient payments through the use of data extraction technologies based on AI and deep learning models. OrboGraph facilitates interoperability via the use of Large Central Aggregator (LCA) functionality. LCA streamlines file transfer alternatives by providing a single folder location for scanned images. From there, the system automatically splits data into multi-provider concurrent processing queues. After the automated data transfer of PDF or scanned images of explanation of benefit (EOB) forms routed to the OrboGraph HPAC cloud, EOB forms are identified with various layout characteristics and “learned” within the system. The approach automates data extraction, validation, and final output into EDI 835 process

  • Solarity helps health care providers take data from many sources in many forms - paper, faxes, and electronic. Via automated processes using advanced technologies, Solarityorganizes data from outside an organization and moves it into the right place in the right system more quickly than existing processes. Solarity’s solutions streamline manual processes, saves time and money, improves data and information processing, and makes the provider and patient experience more satisfying

  • Book Zurman

    Book Zurman

    Book Zurman specializes in managing complex program lifecycles that include developing, deploying, and maintaining large-scale, enterprise wide healthcare IT systems. We provide program, project, and IT architecture management services in Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) and Health Informatics including medical terminology and HIT standards. As a certified member of Center for Veteran Enterprises (CVE), and a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, we have partnered with the VA to streamline inter-agency collaboration, build robust clinical business analysis and modeling systems, define clinical terminology and requirements management, and improve PMO support. Book Zurman played a pivotal role in the establishment of the VHA Health Information Model (VHIM) and the Federal Health Information Model (FHIM), two of the largest health care information systems in the U.S. Currently, we are applying our healthcare IT systems expertise and enterprise experience to the development of the Federal Health Architecture (FHA) and the ONC Standards and Interoperability Framework



    As a nationwide leader in healthcare connectivity, ELLKAY has been committed to enabling interoperability for over 18 years. With connectivity to over 55,000 healthcare facilities across over 700 EHR/PM systems, ELLKAY builds the data pipeline for hospitals, health systems, EHR/PM systems, payers, laboratories, health information technology vendors and other healthcare organizations. Specializing in extracting and migrating clinical data from virtually any source system, we are the healthcare industry’s “Data Plumbers

  • FIGmd


    FIGmd is a leader in providing healthcare solutions & rapid deployment of secure, interop driven, clinical, claims & quality data acquisition platforms. With an expansive suite of modern, scalable offerings, we power multiple healthcare solutions such as payer dashboards, providers’ portals, configure and operate registries, clinical quality & performance management systems, risk analytics, clinical trials, and many others to positively affect our client's financial health and performance. Our clients over the last decade include CROs, Payers, Health systems, Practices, Specialty societies, Pharma amongst others. We pioneer in providing clinical data registry services to more than 19 medical societies across the United States of America. In 2010, FIGmd leapfrogged by providing end-to-end clinical data registry services to the American College of Cardiology. Since then, we have created a niche in the industry year after year with our suite of cutting solutions that are future-ready and HIPAA-compliant

  • HealthVerity


    Pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers and government organizations have partnered with HealthVerity to solve some of their most complicated use cases through transformative technologies and real-world data infrastructure. The HealthVerity IPGE platform, based on the foundational elements of Identity, Privacy, Governance and Exchange, enables the discovery of RWD across the broadest healthcare data ecosystem, the building of more complete and accurate patient journeys and the ability to power best-in-class analytics and applications with flexibility and ease. Together with our partners, HealthVerity has built the modern way to data for the health insights economy

  • Werq


    The medical profession changes on a daily basis, thanks to rapidly evolving technology, additional outlets for patients and doctors, and increased awareness of the world around us. Doctors and medical professionals need the tools to not only keep up with the changing times, but to do so with ease and control. Werq Space provides these tools in the form of state-of-the-art practice management software, allowing doctors and medical professionals to seamlessly handle patient relationships, referrals, communication, reviews, telemedicine, and more so they can continue to grow their practices as well as manage them as efficiently as possible

  • Zen Healthcare IT

    Zen Healthcare IT

    Zen Healthcare IT is an interoperability technology and consulting company. We help Health IT vendors, providers, HIEs, and payers simplify interoperability. We are honored to serve a national client-base. They leverage our broad range of services, on-demand engineering, and disruptive Gemini Integration Platform to overcome interoperability obstacles and creates sustainable health information exchange infrastructures. Using technology tools and years of interface development and support experience, our solution architects and engineers design and build use-case driven solutions for health information exchange. Our Zen team solves problems ranging from data acquisition, data normalization and aggregation, and data delivery challenges